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These stanchions are used at vehicular access points serving both cars and trucks. They are made of 3" square steel tubing, with an 8" square baseplate welded on the bottom and housing flanges provided at a Single or Dual location to support housings with mating 3" square post hole patterns

Ordering Guide:
Square stanchion part numbers have the form, S3Sxddhh, where x=the style number (see illustrations), dd=the projection forward from the center of the base, and hh=the stanchion height to the center of the housing flange (dimensions in inches =/- .5”). Add option codes WPC or BPC for white or black powder coat finish, as required. Consult factory for custom stanchion sizes and features.

OPTION CODES:Option codes to be determined by Ron
Mounting Styles:
3SR(3” Sq. Post Mount, rear)
3SB(3”Sq.Post Mount, bottom.)
SM(Rear Surface Mount)
LS(Left Side Mount) (Front View)
RS(Right Side Mount) (Front View)
0MS(No holes in Square Stanchion)
WPC(Black Powder Coat)
BPC(White Powder Coat)
SF(Special Finish)
SS(Stainless Steel)
HP(Hole Pattern)
SP(Internal Sub-panel)
ML(Medeco Series 60 Cam Lock)
DB(Depth behing panel) 2” Standard

Example: H080607-3SR-HPG01-WPC

Some example/description here to be determined by Ron

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